CPSC prides itself as a boutique club that truly believes in quality over quantity. Each age group focuses on development and growth. We do not mass produce players and teams. We nuture character, build families and develop young professionals.

NEW Teams for the 2016-2017 Season!

With the new birth year age group categorizations, CPSC age groups will now reflect the calendar year system. Our current CPSC teams will be conducting Spring tryouts for the upcoming 2016-2017 season.

Our Current 2015-2016 CP Age Groups:

  • U9 CP SWAT
  • U10 CP Force
  • U11 CP National
  • U12 CP Selects
  • U13 CP Finest
  • U15 CP Crew
  • U17 CP Revolution

New 2016-2017 Season Teams:

  • U9 CP Bravest (Birth Year 2008)
  • U10 CP Avengers (Birth Year 2007)
  • U11 CP Hi line (Birth Year 2006)
  • U12 CP Boldest (Birth Year 2005)
  • U13 CP Fierce (Birth Year 2004)
  • U14 CP Express (Birth Year 2003)
  • U15 CP Rush Hour (Birth Year 2002)
  • U16 CP Inter (Birth Year 2001)
  • U18/19 CP Revolution (Birth Year 1999/1998)

To learn more about the nation-wide Age Group Changes please visit: