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NEW FOR 2018:

CPSC is planning a trip to Spain this Fall 2018 to visit Malaga FC. We are fundraising  by selling our new CPSC scarves with the idea to offset the per player fee for this trip and once in a lifetime experience. Each scarf is $25, and if you buy a total of four scarves we will provide a free scarf in the transaction. Age Groups U13-15 and u16-18 combined.

cpsc scrave

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Player Registration and Commitments: Both returning and newly signed player must register and fill out the player/parent commitment document at the beginning of seasonal year (end of summer prior to Fall season). This document/form will be used to update current player information in our club system and will also be used to register players of the league. The club will provide each player with a specific link to review and fill out the club commitment prior to each seasonal year. Please contact coach, team managers and/or club administration should you need the link.

Seasonal Fees: There are three (3) seasons to the year that require seasonal fees (Fall Outdoor season, Winter Indoor Season and Spring Outdoor Season). Please visit the Chelsea Piers Payment site to process season fees. This is a secure gateway through Chelsea Piers’s Dash platform. Authentic Login Required.

Uniform Fees: Please contact Head Coaches for mandatory and optional equipment lists for your particular team/age group, then visit our Chelsea Piers Soccer Club Online Store to purchase your equipment.

Should you have any question regarding player/parent commitments, registration, seasonal fees and uniforms, please contact or