Registration and Fees

Player Registration and Commitments: Both returning and newly signed player must register and fill out the player/parent commitment document at the beginning of seasonal year (end of summer prior to Fall season). This document/form will be used to update current player information in our club system and will also be used to register players of the league. The club will provide each player with a specific link to review and fill out the club commitment prior to each seasonal year. Please contact coach, team managers and/or club administration should you need the link.

Seasonal Fees: There are three (3) seasons to the year that require seasonal fees (Fall Outdoor season, Winter Indoor Season and Spring Outdoor Season). Please visit the Chelsea Piers Payment site to process season fees. This is a secure gateway through Chelsea Piers’s Dash platform. Authentic Login Required.

Uniform Fees: For the Fall 2016 Season, the club wide change in logo/emblem and uniforms required the initial purchase of new Full Kits. cpsc-new-uniform-spreadPlease used the links below to purchase the required kit for your particular age group.

  • U9, 10, 11, 12, 13 and 14 TeamsThe Full Kits will include: 2 full uniforms (orange jersey, white jersey, 2 pairs of shorts, 2 pairs of socks), 2 practice jerseys (*not shown in above spread), 1 warm-up jacket, 1 warm-up pants, and 1 backpack.

  • U15 and U16 TeamsThe Game Kits will include: 1  full uniforms (blue jersey, 1 pairs of blue shorts, 1 pairs of blue socks), and 1 backpack.

Should you have any question regarding player/parent commitments, registration, seasonal fees and uniforms, please contact or