Development Evaluation

In order to analyze and track player development, CPSC is one of the first clubs in NYC to utilize the soccer evaluation software, Goal Reports. Monitoring a players growth is a key component to improvement. Our club is dedicated to a structured approach to measuring, improving and developing players and staff.  We hope to promote a constant awareness of education that exceed player development and extends to our coaches, parents and our club as a whole.

For CPSC players in the initial/basic stages (ages 8-12), only the Player Evaluation and Development Syllabus features are utilized to keep running records of player development and seasonal planning. Players and parents do not have access to evaluations until players enter the intermediate stage. It is important at the beginning stages of development that players focus on learning and fun forward progress. Goal Reports function for such stages serve as a coaching/administrative guide to support player progression and structure educational planning.

For CPSC players in the intermediate/advanced stages (ages 13-18), full functionalities of Goal Reports will be utilized. Both players and parents will have access to Player Evaluations, Game Reports and The Performance Clock™ that incorporate Performance Benchmarks and the team specific Development Syllabus.

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