Ron Restrepo

Soccer Director

Coach Ron is a Colombian native and has lived in the USA for most of his life. He grew up in New York City where he attended the Art & Design High School and City College.

In previous years, coach Ron has played for Yonkers United, Riverdale youth soccer league, City College Div. 3 and various other leagues in the city as well as other teams in the Men’s Cosmopolitan Soccer league.

For the past 2 decades he has worked as a coach for multiple soccer programs and maintains his passion and focus on developing players of all ages. From the amateur , recreational, semi pro, competitive youth club to the collegiate level, coaching in different levels has helped him understand the demands of the modern game.

Coach Ron finds his motivation and passion by educating players about the sport, providing all the knowledge and resources to help young and old athletes reach their highest potential. His goal is to guide the players by showing them multiple options in their game and allowing them to the make choices that would showcase success, having love for the game and displaying it on the field.

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