Omar Tahirovic

Omar Tahirovic is an 18-year-old from Bosnia and Herzegovina who lives in Chelsea in New York City. He is currently doing a two-year program at BMCC and is looking to play for a Division II college following graduation. Coach Omar attended high school at Quest To Learn where he achieved many accomplishments playing for the school’s soccer team. Coach Omar was a starter freshman through senior years. He was awarded most valuable player and top scorer in his high school division.

Soccer has been apart of Coach Omar’s life since he was 4 years old. He grew up playing soccer at Chelsea Piers and joined his first soccer travel team at the age of 5. He spent 12 years playing for the Chelsea Piers soccer team. When Coach Omar was 16, a professional soccer team in Germany called Kaiserslautern FC scouted him. An injury prevented him from joining the team, but that did not stop Omar from continuing to love and play soccer.

Coach Omar’s parents are a huge factor when it comes to soccer. His father is his biggest fan, from going to every soccer game he had, to traveling around the world for the sport, his father was always their for him. Both of his parents encouraged him in soccer, they knew he had a talent that could take him many places in the world. One of Omar’s main goal in life is to help his parents become wealthy and live a happily life. His parents migrated to New York City, right before the Bosnian war. With out knowing the english language, they strived and accomplished many things on their own.

With the help from Coach Ron, Omar got his coaching license at the age of 18. Coaching is a huge passion for Omar, teaching young kids how to play soccer and have fun is what he always looks for. Its not just about learning the sport, but its the fundamentals that Coach Omar focuses on. Omar knows that every athlete can reach his or hers highest potential. Coach Omar is very excited to start his first year coaching and teaching young athletes how to play and enjoy the Beautiful sport. Omar looks forward to many years of coaching, and one day he hopes to become the head coach of his own Chelsea Piers soccer team.