Player Policy

A player’s conduct is a direct reflection of himself, his family and the CPSC program. To ensure a positive and progressive development, players are expected to:

  • Maintain consistent attendance to practices and games
  • Be punctual and on time for every practice and game
  • Respect coaches, fellow teammates, referees/officials and parents/spectator
  • Display sportsmanship and Fair Play
  • Exhibit a positive attitude at all times and overcome the urge to complain, think negatively, take part in cliques, act selfishly, or engage in any activities that disrupt the programs purpose and chemistry
  • Exhibit good listening skills and positive verbalization
  • Practice beneficial habits pertaining to health and nutrition
  • Maintain healthy habits pertaining to physical, mental and emotional well-being
  • Be supportive of teammates efforts and contributions at all times

CPSC requires its players to be present at all practices and games. If a situation arises when a player must miss, the CPSC Director is to be notified by e-mail or phone at least 24 hours before the scheduled date. Third party communication is not an adequate form of notification. Attendance, punctuality and discipline are vital to player development.

Playing time will be determined according to a player’s development, performance, commitment, attendance, attitude, leadership, mental & physical toughness, unselfishness, physical ability, tactical & technical understanding as well as the desire to grow as a player and person. Playing time in game must be earned and will be determined according to the above criteria. It is the CPSC philosophy to build a unified and enthusiastic team. Every players is regarded highly as a contributing member to the collective whole.