Parent Policy

Proper conduct by parents and guardians are extremely important to their child’s soccer development. To ensure a successful season and experience, CPSC requires its parents to:

  • Remain in the areas designated for spectators during all games, practices and tournaments
  • Refrain from engaging the opposing coaches, opposing players, opposing parents, officials, tournament directors or spectators
  • Refrain from gossiping about any other parents, players or program (ours or oppositions)
  • Refrain from approaching coaches during games, practices or tournaments to discuss playing time, game Strategy or performance of any player
  • Refrain from Sideline Coaching and the use of inappropriate, offensive and/or derogatory language

A parent’s conduct is a direct reflect on themselves, their family and the CPSC program.  Parents are guiding examples for all developing players. Parents are expected to conduct themselves with the highest standard and are encouraged to advise any visiting spectators and guests of the required parent conduct.