Coaches Policy

ALL coaches are held to the highest standards and are expected to represent the values and philosophies of the CPSC program. To ensure that players and parents can develop in a progressive and healthy environment, CPSC Coaches are expected to:

  • Commit fully to positive coaching
  • Commit to being a leader, role model and an example setter for players, parents, spectators, and fellow coaches
  • Commit to being an educator, teacher, and mentor for players and parents
  • Maintain a safe environment for players to grow
  • Be familiar with league rules/regulations and CPSC program policies
  • Always display and encourage good sportsmanship and exercise Fair Play
  • Maintain open communication with players, parents, and club administration
  • Never use profanity nor exhibit inappropriate behavior/conduct
  • Always respect referees and game officials
  • Always maintain an optimistic and positive attitude

The coach’s role is to educate and guide players through various developmental stages. Aside from teaching technical skill and tactical awareness, CPSC coaches are responsible for creating vibrant learning environment in order to ensure a positive experience. Although it is CPSC objective to produce great players, it is imperative that the program creates quality players with strong values, integrity and character.